Fuzzy Olive-Green Grasshopper -  Campylacantha olivacea      (spotted at Konza Prairie in Kansas, USA)

Fuzzy Olive-Green Grasshopper - Campylacantha olivacea

(spotted at Konza Prairie in Kansas, USA)

Join the lab!

As I am starting up the lab at the University of Maryland, I will be hiring a tech/lab manager to help get the lab up and running as well as a postdoc to work on projects within the ongoing BiodiversiTREE experiment or a new venture examining how landscaping practices in local urban and suburban yards (e.g. leaf litter removal) impact herbivore and parasitoid populations as well as nutrient cycling in those landscapes. 

In addition, I am currently recruiting graduate students to begin work during the 2019 school year. I encourage independent projects for grad students as long as they fit within the general goals of the lab's research program. Students can apply to the University of Maryland's grad programs through either Entomology (Masters and PhD degrees) or the Biological Sciences interdisciplinary BEES concentration in Behavior Ecology Evolution and Systematics (PhD degree). Either way your home department will be Entomology. 

If you are interested in working in the lab in any of these roles feel free to contact me with your CV and research interests or plan to meet with me at the Entomological Society of America meeting in Vancouver! I will be posting official job announcements soon.