Big news! Terrapins are new bulldogs (which were the new blue hens) / by Karin Burghardt


I am very excited to be joining the faculty of the University of Maryland as an assistant professor in the Entomology Department this Fall!

I am celebrating with turtle pictures because I am quite excited about having a reptile for a mascot for the first time. You might say "but karin, those are surely not diamondback terrapins!". And you would be right. But I have a new goal of getting a good picture of one of those in the future.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be an interesting transition from the Smithsonian back to an academic institution. Due to the proximity of UMD to SERC I am also thrilled to continue collaborating with SERC scientists and working within the Smithsonian's BiodiversiTREE experiments. There are still many interesting questions to be answered about insects inhabitants as a new forest grows.